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There are unlimited ideas for adding edibles to your existing propertyEven small areas can produce delicious food for your kitchen...some folks have farms that fill their whole yard and produce enough food to share with neighbors and friends.  You choose what is right for you!  Even a single dwarf fruit tree or a grapevine will produce POUNDS of fruit that will taste better than anything you can buy in a grocery store while providing the satisfaction of growing it right in your own soil!  This list of installations we have provided for previous customers will give you some ideas:  

Children's Gardens:  We believe that ALL children benefit from being part of the experience of growing what they eat!  There should be edibles near play areas that children can snack on, right off the plants...teepees of beans to camp under...and berries to eat until their fingers and mouths are purple!  We design safe garden areas especially for children, that cater to their tender tastes and sense of whimsy and fun!  Let's turn that unused old sandbox into a strawberry farm!  


Herb Gardens:  Herbs can be inter-planted with veggies or featured in a formal herb garden.  If you like to cook with fresh herbs, you will find inspiration in your very own backyard herb garden!  There are seasonal (i.e. basil, cilantro, dill)  and perennial herbs (i.e. tarragon, oregano, chives, sage, rosemary).  Herb gardens can be grown simply in a collection of pots or laid out as an elegant focal point in your yard surrounding an antique urn.  Your choice!  



Fruit Trees: Plant one, plant an orchard;  use dwarf types for a mini-orchard!  Fruit trees come in three sizes - standard, dwarf and semi-dwarf.  We can create a living fence with fruit trees or espalier on a wall. There are columnar apples that only need 3-4' of space!  Types that perform well in our locale include:  



Almond                 Loquat                  Pear   


Apple                   Mulberry                Persimmon       


Apricot                 Nectarine              Plum                    


Citrus                   Olive                    Pomegranate


Fig                       Paw Paw                                        


Kumquat               Peach                                           



We can help you SELECT the right varieties, SITE and PLANT them for you and PRUNE them for best fruit production.  We also PRUNE YOUR EXISTING FRUIT TREES.  



Berries: If you have some extra space, there's nothing like your own fresh berries!!  Perfect for that sunny strip up against a fence or even along the driveway edge.  There are berries that excel in our area:  

                                     Blackberries                         Loganberries

                                     Blueberries (best in pots)      Olallieberries 

                                     Boysenberries                      Strawberries 

Grapes: Grapes bask in our warm summers!  Try a juicy, crisp table grape trained on a fence or an arbor.  If you have more space, or an unused slope...why not plant a vineyard?  You can try your hand as a winemaker...  Fresh grapes look beautiful on the table and kids love the sweetness.  There are grapes for eating, juicing and for making different types of wine.   


Patio Farms:  We have clients living in condensed settings that allow only a few containers for growing edibles...yes there are varieties that will grow in pots!  They won't supply all your produce needs, but having a supply of fresh tomatoes, potatoes or herbs (and more) is certainly possible!



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