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About Us

                                                                    ~ Savor Earth's Bounty ~

     WHO WE ARE  ~ 


"As a mother, grandmother and business owner, I know the 

value of fresh, wholesome food for my family.  I have been 

honing and refining my own suburban farming practices 

to achieve maximum results with a minimum investment.  

With the help of my experienced team, I can bring my  

valuable experience to your home garden." 

 Pat Thompson, Owner 


The Team:  We have been in the business of horticulture for 30 years.  We are horticulturists, landscape contractors, arborists and designers with a great concern for our environment and have a keen interest in the green movement and local, sustainable cropping to feed our families.   

We, like you, are too busy to shop for produce as frequently as we would like and share your worries about the origins and safety of our food;  we are concerned about food shortages in the not-so-distant future.  The price of produce and lack of quality produce is forcing us all to reflect on how we are using our backyards.  Fresh, nutritious eating is as close as your own backdoor!  You don't have to wear tie-dye shirts or remember The Grateful Dead to participate in the green movement!  The desire to provide top quality, healthy and nutritious produce has nothing to do with your political party.   

We want to familiarize you with the benefits of your own home-farmed produce, introduce you to organic gardening practices and let you taste the difference in just-picked vegetables and fruits!  WE want to provide a painless method for you to become part of the LOCAL, SUSTAINABLE movement that is just beginning to sweep this country.   

Are you concerned about the rising costs of food or recent news and reports about  the very real potential of food shortages in the future?  We know that the money you spend on gardening services could be better spent on producing best quality food and nutrition for your family.  We believe that every family yard should produce some type of quality food crops - whether it's a vegetable garden, herbs or a few fruit trees.  We have the background, education and expertise to make that happen.  

We are not fanatic about organics, but we certainly feel that landscapes in general are being infused with herbicides and pesticides which cannot be healthy for our families and pets.  We offer a healthy alternative that eliminates toxins from our outdoor living area and provides a great return of pesticide free and nutritious food!   

We service the Northern California areas of: Alamo, Concord, Danville, Diablo, Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, Pleasant Hill, Pleasanton, San Ramon, and Walnut Creek.

Now that you know a little about OUR opinions and feelings, we would love to hear YOUR thoughts on this!   

My Backyard Farmer


2415 San Ramon Valley Blvd. Suite #4375  San Ramon, CA 94583  


Phone: 925-838-8873   Fax: 925-820-1843

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